The currency used in Oman is Omani rials (RO, OR, OMR) and baizas (bz).  Notes feature the image of Sultan Qaboos bin Said on one side and different cultural images on the reverse. The notes come in the following denominations: 50 (violet), 20 (dark green), 10 (brown), 5 (red), 1 (purple), ½ rial (brown/purple) and 100 baiza (light green).  Both Arabic and English n umerals and text appear on the notes.

In the 1980s notes included an additional 200 baiza note denomination (blue/green) which is rarely seen these days.

Coins appear in 50, 25, 10 and 5 baiza denominations.

There are 1000 baiza to the rial. 1 rial 500 baiza is written as RO 1.500

The Rial is pegged to the US dollar ($) at an average rate of US$1 – RO 0.385

Exchange rates are of course variable but a recent conversion is given in the table below for demonstration.

A collection of ancient Omani currency can be viewed at Bait Al Adam Museum.

Credit cards are widely accepted in Oman but it is worth checking before you decide to order or make a purchase.

ATM Machines are situated in various locations throughout Oman; charges may be applied by your bank

Oman houses both local and international banks offering a range of banking services. In addition, various monetary exchange houses are available.

Banks are generally open Sunday to Thursday 08.00 to 14.00

Foreign Currency (FC) 1 Unit FC = OMR OMR 1 = FC
Australia 0.370 OMR 2.70378 AUD
Euro 0.503 OMR 1.98959 EUR
Hong Kong 0.049 OMR 20.1963 HKD
India 0.008 OMR 117.915 INR
Saudi Arabia 0.102 OMR 9.75173 SAR
Sri Lanka 0.003 OMR 289.054 LKR
Switzerland 0.383 OMR 2.61072 CHF
UAE 0.10 OMR 9.540 AED
UK 0.598 OMR 1.67178 GBP
USA 0.384 OMR 2.60010 USD