Oman Living Cost

The cost of living in Oman could be very different from that of your home country. That many purchases are ‘tax-free’ makes buying some items in Oman even cheaper than in countries where they are manufactured!

Taxes are applied however to food and beverage outlets in hotels.  They are 9% service tax, 4% tourism tax and 5% municipality tax.  An additional 3% municipality tax is applied on rental accommodation.

Alcohol and pork items are also heavily taxed.

Items like petrol and gas are comparatively cheap in Oman, while imported goods like clothing and toys can be sold at inflated prices.  Bottled mineral water is surprisingly inexpensive considering Oman’s desert climate

Locally produced fruit and vegetables are good quality and are much cheaper than imported produce, although their shelf life may be shorter.  But if that means that they are not irradiated than it’s maybe a good thing. Other grocery items including foodstuffs, cleaning products, toiletries and household items can expensive if imported from outside Oman; locally produced alternatives are often available.  Supermarket prices vary greatly from store to store so it is worth checking them out before you do your big weekly shop.

Utility bills vary tremendously from summer to winter, due to the heavy use of air-conditioners in the hot summer months.  Likewise for water bills if you have a garden to keep alive in the heat.

Vehicles are much less expensive to purchase in Oman than in many parts of the world, hence there are so many shiny new 4x4s on the roads