Taxi and Car Hire

Visitors to Muscat will make good use of taxis and rental cars, as they are preferable to the public busses in terms of convenience and comfort.

There are two types of taxis – The orange and white panelled cars that you can hail wherever you see one (and they are everywhere!), and private taxis, which you can phone in advance to book.  The orange and white taxis are registered but not metered and passengers have the options to share the ride with others who are picked up along the way or take the taxi on his own.  These cabs are inexpensive and the fare can be haggled down. 

Private taxis are registered and metered and are under the control of a company radio.  These taxis generally offer a much better standard of cleanliness and safety and your journey is private for you and your companions.  These taxis are better for female travellers especially if travelling alone.  The fares are however more expensive than the orange and white taxis.

You can hire cars of different descriptions easily through a number of car hire companies. From small saloon cars to run about town in, to 4x4s to drive over the dunes of the Wahiba Sands, you should find what you require here.

Car seats for children are not commonly used in Oman, despite being inexpensive and readily available to buy in the shops. Check with the hire car company as they may have stock but you would be wise to bring your own unless they could guarantee you a good quality, age appropriate, accident-free seat to hire.