Top 10 Things to Do

1. Dolphin & Whale Watching

Omani waters are frequented by up to 11 species of dolphin which include the spinner dolphins, long-nosed common dolpins, the risso’s dolphins and the bottlenose dolphins among others. Some non-migratory humpback whales, bryde’s whales and false killer whales are also sighted in the rich seas of Oman. Take the opportunity to watch whales, dolphins and the rich marine life of Oman.

2. Mosque Tour

Get a glimpse of the religious landmarks and picturesque splendor of the mosques of Oman – a reflection of unique, grandiose, Islamic architecture.

Contact Oman's local tour operators that organize unforgettable and tailor-made, tour-guided package tours including a visit to the Grand Mosque, the largest mosque in Oman.Most guided tours allow you to walk through the marvelous grounds of this only mosque that is open to non-Muslims.

Non-Muslim sightseers can visit the Sultan Qaboos Mosque according to days, prayer times and Islamic festivals. But generally, its open to visitors between 8am and 11am except on Thursday and Friday.

3. 4WD off-road

A spectacular off-road desert adventure awaits you in Oman. Experience the thrill of adrenaline-fuelled activities which include Dune Bashing and Wadi Bashing.

Enjoy the scenic mixed terrain of desert sand, natural spring waters and majestic mountains during the drive.

Dune Bashing

What goes up must come down, and what could be more exhilarating than coming down the soft tricky sands of a steep sand dune? Yes, we are talking about Dune Bashing. This sport gives you the excitement you would hate to miss. This sport is mostly practiced in the Wahiba Sands where the dunes are steep and sands are soft. Just sail your 4WD along the sand dunes. Know the ploy to glide along the treacherous sands other than just driving, and there you go for a serious fun! The fanciful golden Arab sands await you for a breathtaking experience. Some deserts camps like Nomadic Desert Camps; Desert Night Camps are ready to help you treasure this lifetime activity. Get the details about the camps in our website.

Wadi Bashing

The pristine land of Oman holds lot more adventure you ever thought of. Wadi Bashing unlike Dune Bashing is a whacky experience. This sport is generally practiced along the river canyons in the mountains where the bed is dry and fills up only during infrequent downpour. A 4 WD drive on the off-roads of the country, Wadi Bashing is a bone shaking experience, as you drive along the dry river beds hitting the boulders and even splashing water as your car slink into small water pockets. Some of the few places where you can show your passion for the game are Wadi Tiwi, Mazara, Wadi Shab, Wadi Bani Khalid. Check out the list of tour operators in our site for guidance.

4. Camping

Oman is undoubtedly a camper’s paradise with its long white beaches, vast deserts and rugged mountains. Explore the beautiful landscape of Oman. Spend the night at the 1,000 Nights Wahiba Sands campsite, decked out with Bedouin wool tents. See our list of tour companies offering this great outdoor activity.

5. Hiking/Trekking

Want a unique hiking experience in Oman - one that’s filled with dramatic scenery and impressive vistas over remarkable landscape? Look no further. Oman has lots of tour operators who offer hiking and trekking tours. Experience a challenging hike over the rocks or crossing water channels. Learn more from knowledgeable tour guides and find out what more you can discover next!

Now adventure-seekers can feed their need for an action-packed hiking/trekking experience unlike any other.

6. Camel Riding

Fancy a Lawrence of Arabia type of experience? Don’t miss out on all the fun. Try a camel ride into the glorious sand dunes with professional guides and you’re in for a thrill you will never forget. You can even accessorize your camel adventure with sand surfing and trips to nearby encampments. Various tour operators include short camel rides as part of their itinerary.

7. Diving/Kayaking

Oman is a unique scuba diving and kayaking travel destination. It has been said that the true treasures of Oman lie hidden beneath the surface where a wealth of aquatic life and diverse types of fish and coral reefs can be found. Try scuba diving in Oman and get captivated with the invigorating seascape you wouldn’t want to miss! Meanwhile don’t forget to go paddling in the middle of the sea. Yes, Kayaking is fun! Take a kayak, put your life jacket on and get sailing into the sea water. Count yourself lucky as you get a glimpse some marine creatures and may be even turtles. For more details take a look at our tour operator’s list.

8. Rock Climbing

With towering mountains, rugged paths, deep canyons and steep cliffs, the Sultanate of Oman has everything to keep rock climbing enthusiasts busy. Popular rocky facades in Oman include Wadi Al Ghool in A’Dakhiliyah Region with a height of 300 meters, as well as the south-western mountains of Jabal Mishfat.

9. Birdwatching

The Sultanate of Oman has an extraordinary wealth of bird life – with over 450 species of birds identified. Some of these birds are residents, some are migrants, while some birds are breeding visitors. Want to get a glimpse of this diverse selection of birds? has gathered some of the tour operators offering this tour package in Oman, for your convenience.

10. Cave Exploration

The caves of Oman promise an exhilarating experience for adventurers. Featuring an unspoiled underground environment filled with rare and diverse species of fauna, it is definitely worth visiting. Interested in cave exploration trips, visit our Tour Operators page for fast and easy booking.