Visas and Permits to Oman

Getting into Oman is not difficult but the process and price varies for visitors of different countries, who are grouped in one of two lists.

All travelers should have at least six months remaining on their passport before they enter The Sultanate.

The following types of visa are relevant to tourists:

Single Entry Visas can be obtained at an Omani embassy or on arrival (for nationals in List No.1), by filling in an application form and paying a fee of RO 20. It is valid for thirty days but can be extended for an additional month by contacting the Directorate General of Passport and Residency (DGPR). A further fee of RO 20 is payable for this service. A fine of RO 10 per day will be charged for anyone who overstays their visa expiration date.

Multiple Entry Visas can be obtained at an Omani embassy or on arrival (for nationals in List No.1) by filling in an application form and paying a fee of RO 50. It is valid for up to one year and visitors can stay for up to three weeks at a time, with three weeks minimum between visits. The visa is not extendable but may be re-applied for. The terms and conditions are the same for nationals of List No. 2; however the fee is RO 10.

Express Visas can be arranged within twenty four hours from the Directorate General of Passport and Residency (DGPR) through an Omani embassy or via a tourism company at your request. The visa is valid for 3 weeks stay and the fee is RO 30. A fine of RO 10 per day is charged for overstaying.

The Common Visa Facility with Dubai is designed to encourage tourism between Dubai and The Sultanate of Oman. Travellers arriving with a Dubai tourist visa can fill out a joint facility form at airports, sea ports and Hatta Fort Hotel and avoid obtaining a separate visa for Oman. The visa entitles the visitor to stay as long as their Dubai visa is valid, not exceeding three weeks. No further visa is required to re-enter the UAE. A similar agreement is in place between Oman and Qatar.

A short visit visa is available for foreign nationals residing in a GCC state, who wish to visit The Sultanate. It is valid for four weeks for a fee of RO 5 and extendable by a further week. Overstays will be charged RO 10 per day.

Procedures and charges are liable to change at any time so it is advisable to check the Royal Oman Police website for up-to-date information before you travel.

Summary of Visa Fees to Oman

Visa Type RO
Tourist Visa 20
Express Visa 30
Family Joining and Family Residence Visa 20
Relatives/Friends’ Visit Visa 20
Multiple Entry Visa 50

Countries on list No.1

Europe South America Other Countries
Andorra Argentina Australia
Austria Bolivia Brunei
Belgium Brazil Dar-as-Salaam
Bulgaria Chile Canada
Croatia Columbia Hong Kong
Czech Republic Ecuador Indonesia
Cyprus French Guyana Japan
Denmark Paraguay Lebanon
Estonia Peru Macau
Finland Suriname Malaysia
France Uruguay New Zealand
Germany Venezuela Seychelles
Greece   Singapore
Hungary   South Africa
Iceland   South Korea
Ireland   Taiwan
Italy   Thailand
Latvia   Tunisia
Liechtenstein   Turkey
Luxembourg   United States
San Marino    
United Kingdom    
Vatican Republic    

Countries on list No.2

Russian Federation