Education in Oman

Finding a place for your children in a good school is essential before a move to a different country.  Oman is lucky to have a choice of different schools but places tend to be snapped up fast, so getting your name on a waiting list is imperative.

Government schools are located around the country but these are reserved for Omani children.  Children of any nationality however, are eligible to attend any of the private schools

Your choice of school will be affected by which country you have come from and even where you may be heading after your time in Oman, so that your child may continue with his/her programme of education. 

The curriculum, the teaching methods, the strengths and the languages spoken and taught will be different for each school.  As will the facilities and of course the fees.

Some of the major schools in Oman are The British School Muscat, which teaches the British National Curriculum, The American British Academy (ABA), which teaches the International Baccalaureate system (IB) and The American International School of Muscat (TAISM) which also teaches IB.

Other important schools are Muscat International Private School, The Indian Schools at Wadi Kabir and Al Ghubra, The Pakistan School, The Sultan’s School and Azzan Bin Qais Private School.

Some of the schools accept children into their nursery department, usually at age three.  However, a more flexible option is an independent nursery, which allows you the freedom to choose how many days per week you wish your child to attend.

There are numerous nursery schools dotted around; you may pick the nearest one to you for convenience but a little homework will reveal the best choice for your toddler.  Teaching styles, facilities and health & safety should be assessed before you leave your little ones in someone else’s care.  Reputation is best taken as a guide and a physical visit will confirm your choice.

Children with mild special needs can be assisted at some educational establishments, however at present there is no dedicated facility in Oman for expatriate children with learning or physical difficulties.

Omani citizens in Muscat may further their studies at the Sultan Qaboos University while expatriates of any nationality may apply to a number of other educational institutions.  These include the Modern College of Business and Science, Mazoon College, Gulf College and Muscat University College. Outside of the Capital international students can apply for courses at Sohar University, and Nizwa University and in the south of Oman, Dhofar University.